The number of Omicron COVID-19 cases within the ACT has grown to five after three new infections were detected overnight on Monday.

Two of the new infections were detected in people identified as close contacts, the third was considered a casual contact and confirmed as attending the Lyneham Primary School campus while infectious on Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December last week.

ACT Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith said the infection of a casual contact provides further support to initial claims that the new variant is more transmissible.

“We’ve never before had a transmission in the ACT at a casual contact level, as far as I can remember, so this is new and is something we’re going to have to keep a really close eye on.”

ACT Health has now identified 180 close contacts who attended the school at the same time.

It comes as a New South Wales man has also been confirmed as having the Omicron COVID variant after contracting the virus in the ACT, however, he’s not counted in the ACT’s tally.

As of Tuesday morning, nearly 790 people were in quarantine across the ACT but the Health Minister was unable to confirm how many of those were due to suspected omicron exposure.

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