The act of removing a condom during sex, without the consent of your partner, otherwise known as ‘stealthing’ will now be criminalised in the ACT.

It means the act of stealthing will be considered as sexual assault under Territory law.

The ACT is the first Australian state or territory to outlaw the act.

“Stealthing is a traumatic thing for any person to go through and I am very proud that the ACT has passed nation-leading reforms to specifically criminalise this heinous act.” ACT Opposition Leader, Elizabeth Lee said.

The bill introduced by the Opposition Leader received unanimous support in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

“We did extensive consultation with peak bodies, lawyers, academics and advocacy groups to create this Bill and the feedback was overwhelming in its support to ensure that our laws clearly and accurately reflect what the community deems to be unacceptable behaviour.”

“I am under no delusion that legislation alone will stop stealthing from happening, but it is a step in the right direction and, along with public awareness and education, I am confident that we can all work together to stamp out this act.”


Ms Lee hopes the new laws in the ACT will motivate other states to take similar action against stealthing.

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