The Chief Minister has warned that the ACT is still ‘several months’ away from reaching its goal of more than 80% full COVID vaccination in all Canberrans aged 12 and above.

It comes as the Territory marks a vaccine milestone, with more than 3,000 doses administered across the city’s two mass vaccination clinic on Monday – a single day record in the ACT.

As of Tuesday, 71.4% of Canberrans aged 16 and above had received their first dose of a COVID vaccine with 47.6% now fully vaccinated.

The ACT is currently leading the nation in the percentage of its population who are fully vaccinated.

Despite this, Andrew Barr warns there’s a long way to go.

“Our city has a population of 431,000.”

“That means there are still 185,000 Canberrans without any vaccination at all and 267,000 who are not fully vaccinated.”


The Chief Minister on Tuesday reaffirmed the Government’s position that the vaccine rollout remains its number one priority over the coming months.

Vaccination targets, as set out in the ‘National Plan’, remain the measurement for the country’s reopening as the pandemic continues.

It comes as 19 new cases of the virus were confirmed in the Territory on Tuesday.

Of those 13 are linked with 6 under early investigation.

The majority of the new cases were in quarantine with at least 6 in the community while infectious, 2 remain under investigation.

Since the Territory’s outbreak began, 404 cases have now been detected.


174 of those have now recovered, leaving 230 active cases in the ACT.

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