With the ACT in a race to vaccinate as many Canberrans against COVID-19 as possible, the rollout of the Pfizer jab has been given a boost.

An additional 30,000 appointments at the AIS mass vaccination clinic over the next six weeks have now been made available after a boost in the number of doses supplied by the Federal Government.

Canberrans with existing appointments will now be able to log on to the MyDHR website to try and secure one of the earlier appointment but it’s expected there’ll be queues to get into the site on Friday afternoon with the system only allowing 100 people at any one time to make or change their bookings.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr has asked for patience and for people to continue to check the site over the coming days and weeks for any earlier appointments.

“For people who have bookings in October and November, over the next week or two or three, please check because there may be earlier appointments available.”

It’s expected the additional appointments will bring the Territory’s vaccine rollout our forward by two weeks.

However, for those aged 18 and over who may still be waiting for a jab the Chief Minister has again stressed the serious recommendation to consider the Astra Zeneca vaccine.


“The fastest way to get vaccinated, to get fully vaccinated, is to talk to your health professional and get an Astra Zeneca vaccine today.”

“There are appointments available today.”

It comes as the Territory reaches the 50% mark of Canberrans aged 16 and above who are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the first state or territory to reach the milestone.

That number drops to 47% of Canberrans based on the 12+ population.

Andrew Barr said the ‘milestone’ figures needed to be reached in order to take the next steps in the Territory’s response to the virus will be based on the vaccination status of the 12+ population.

It comes as 24 new cases of the virus are recorded in the ACT on Friday.


18 have been linked to previous infections while at least 6 of the new cases were in the community while infectious.

The number of people with the virus requiring care in hospital has risen to 15, including a child under the age of 12.

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