It’s day 34 of the ACT’s second outbreak and lockdown has been extended until at least October 15.

But what led to the decision?

Here’s a detailed overview of lockdown 2.0 so far…

Since lockdown was announced on August 12, the Territory has recorded a total of 528 COVID-19 cases.

Of those…

  • Just over half are male
  • The median age is 26
  • Ages range from under 5 years to over 80 years old
  • 5% are fully vaccinated
  • 12% have received one dose
  • 82% aren’t vaccinated

Almost two thirds of our total cases were out in the community for at least some of their infectious period – one of the biggest concerns of ACT Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerryn Coleman.


Approximately 50 infections don’t have a known source of transmission and around half of those are recent cases detected over the last two weeks.

Dr. Coleman said that number isn’t declining which is another concern.

“These unknown cases suggest potential unidentified chains of transmission in the community and therefore posing an increased risk, especially for those in our community that are yet to be vaccinated.”

As at 13 September, 75.9% of Canberrans have received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, while 52.1% have received a second dose.

The Delta variant has been brought into the ACT on eight separate instances since the start of the outbreak.

Some of these were non-ACT residents who entered the Territory with exemptions, followed quarantine requirements, but were unknowingly COVID-positive.


Three of the introductions have led to transmission of the virus within the ACT community and two of these have occurred in the last 48 hours.

Dr. Coleman said this reflects how the virus has continuously spread across other jurisdictions.

“It highlights there’s an ongoing threat, an ongoing risk, of introduction of COVID into the ACT community.”

The Territories COVID-19 reproduction rate is sitting at 0.96, meaning each case results in around one other person becoming infected.

21 cluster locations have been detected, ranging in two to 52 cases per site and averaging 17 cases per cluster.

The places of transmission range from households and private settings to pubs, workplaces and nightclubs.


276 of the ACT’s cases have now recovered but there’re still 252 that are active.

Dr. Coleman says this all plays a part in the decision to extend the ACT’s lockdown for another month.

“At this time, the combination of unknown sources of transmission in the community and the number of people yet to be vaccinated means that this risk is too high…

“Public health social measures such as restricting movements within the community is actually the only way that we can reduce the risk of these unidentified transmission chains causing further infections in the absence of high levels of vaccination coverage…

“I really ask all Canberrans to keep working together, to stay the course and help us protect our community and please know this was not an easy decision for me or my team.”