Public health measures in the ACT will be eased slightly on Thursday afternoon, as Canberrans prepare to spend at least another two weeks in Lockdown.

As part of the changes, people will be permitted to gather outdoors in a groups of up to five, each person can be from a different household and the arrangement does not have to be exclusive.

Groups larger than five must all be from the same household and all outdoor gatherings are subject to the two hour daily limit on non-organised outdoor exercise and recreation.

During Wednesday’s press conference, the Chief Minister further clarified what is considered a ‘non-organised’ activity.

Activities included:

  • walking
  • jogging
  • cycling
  • going for a picnic in the park



Activities NOT included:

  • bootcamps
  • sporting competitions
  • team training
  • golf
  • tennis

Despite the additional freedoms, Andrew Barr has encouraged Canberrans to use common sense when leaving home during lockdown.

“The purpose of a lockdown is to reduce the interactions between people.”

“Outside of these interactions, keep as far away from other people as you possibly can all of the time.”

The same mask rules apply to the new freedoms with face coverings required when outside the home and when interacting with people from outside your household.


The clarifications comes on the same day the Territory recorded 23 new cases of the virus.

Of those 9 were still under investigation and at least 11 were found to have been in the community while infectious.

The changes to the ACT’s lockdown restrictions come into effect at 5pm Thursday 2 September 2021.

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