A 23-year-old man has been arrested and charged after threatening police with a meat cleaver on Monday night.

Officers followed the man to an apartment in Belconnen after observing him and another male walking the streets, with one carrying a metal pole.

When Police requested to speak with the 23-year-old, threats were made towards the officers.

A short time later the 23-year-old man allegedly exited the apartment with a red pole which had a 30cm meat cleaver attached to one end raised above his shoulder, making further threats to authorities.

Police tazered the man before confiscating the weapon and taking him to the ACT Watch House.

Further investigations also revealed the man was in breach of his bail conditions.

He’s since been charged with possessing an offensive weapon with intent and assaulting a frontline community service worker.


He’s set to face the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday.