The Chief Minister has warned businesses will be shut down if they repeatedly break Public Health directions.

It follows weeks of warnings, urging staff to comply with rules like mask wearing and checking in on arrival.

But Chief Minister Andrew Barr said some compliance teams aren’t seeing improvements.

“One of our COVID-19 business compliance teams yesterday reported that eight out of the 10 businesses they visited yesterday weren’t complying with the Public Health directions.”

Compliance teams have also reported some businesses breaking the same rules after receiving a warning.

Minister Barr stressed the need for compliance to stop the spread of the Delta variant across the Territory.

“The purpose of the Public Health directions is to protect the community and to protect the staff working in the businesses and if we can’t’, this far into the pandemic and this far into lockdown, have compliance levels incredibly high we are beyond the point of issuing warnings.”


37 business compliance checks were conducted yesterday as well as 376 traffic stops.

It comes as the ACT records another 13 cases of the virus on Monday with just two of those in quarantine for their whole infectious period.

At least 10 of Monday’s cases were in the community while infectious and one is being investigated.

Nine COVID-19 patients are in hospital, three are in the Intensive Care Unit and one needs ventilation.

There is now a total of 506 COVID-19 cases in this outbreak but only 245 of them are active.

Another seven people recovered from the virus overnight.

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