16 COVID-19 cases have now been linked to the Calvary Haydon Aged Care Facility, including two cases recorded overnight that will be recorded in Thursday’s case numbers.

Of the infections at least 10 are residents, three are staff and one is a household contact.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr. Vanessa Johnston said the facility is currently communicating with those impacted and more information will be given in Thursday’s ACT COVID-19 update.

It comes as a broader epidemiological update reveals a steady trend of case numbers in the ACT since the pandemic began on August 12.

Dr. Johnston pleased that the Territory has recorded a daily case average of 17.1.

“While our daily case numbers go up and down, when we consider the average across the entire outbreak, they are staying steady, they’re not rapidly escalating – Which is giving us the confidence that we need to be able to move forward once we meet our vaccination goals as outlined in the pathway.”

One issue that continues to concern Health authorities is the large portion of locals not getting tested as soon as they develop symptoms.


Dr. Johnston said around 40% of cases got tested two to four days after becoming symptomatic and 10% waited five or more days, which is far too high.

“Ideally, we would want to see people getting tested as soon as any symptoms develop or even better than that, tested pre-symptom onset in quarantine if they’re an identified close contact.”

804 cases have now been recorded in this outbreak and 566 of those have recovered leaving 237 active cases.

Around 88 of the total infections have no known links and over half of those have been recorded in the past two weeks.

Dr. Johnston has flagged this as another concern, reminding locals of the importance of following Public Health Directions to minimise the potential spread of the Delta variant from mystery cases.

“Canberra’s done a fantastic job with these measures so far and this has really heavily contributed to our ability to cautiously ease out of lockdown. So please continue to be mindful that even with the easing of restrictions over the coming weeks it’s still so very important to maintain those COVID-safe behaviours.”


Other outbreak statistics:

  • Over half of the ACT’s cases are male
  • The median age is 26-28 years old
  • The weekly case average is 123
  • The highest daily case number recorded is 32
  • 32 cluster sites have been detected
  • There’s an average of 16 cases per cluster
  • One COVID-19 patient has died from this outbreak
  • There’ve been multiple introductions of the Delta variant into the ACT
  • At least two introductions have resulted in significant community transmission

It comes as the ACT records 22 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

  • Seven were in quarantine
  • At least seven were infectious while in the community
  • 12 are linked
  • 10 COVID-patients are in hospital
  • Three are in the ICU and need breathing support
  • Those in the ICU range from 30 to 60 years old and none are fully vaccinated
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