The Nation’s Capital looks set for a winter makeover from Tuesday as an arctic blast moves its way across the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts cooler temps coupled with likely rainfall has the potential to produce snow across the Territory.

Meteorologist, Melody Sturm said the cooler and wetter weather is expected to hang around until at least Thursday, with the middle of the week looking most likely to produce a dumping of snow.

“Wednesday will see the coldest temperatures, around 8 degrees for the Canberra area so on the higher areas, any rain that’s due to fall should be snow above 1,000 meters.”

However, despite the best efforts of forecasters, just how much and for how long the snow will last remains up in the air.

“It’s a bit tricky to see how much snow will fall and in what places or how much will remain but we do expect it will stay on the ground – it’ll be white.” She added.