Canberra may not be world-renowned for its nightlife but it seems locals don’t mind a bit of a sing-along.

A recent global study has backed up that claim, declaring Canberra as the karaoke Capital of the World.

UK Company Uswitch crunched the numbers, comparing the number of karaoke bars against the population of capital cities world-wide.

The report claims Canberra, with its population of 460,000, is home to 35 karaoke, giving us a rating of 7.57 karaoke bars per capita.

That was the highest rating of any capital city across the globe, with Ireland’s Capital, Dublin claiming second spot with a 3.70 per capita rating.

Canberra’s rating also saw it rank higher than Australia’s most populated city, Sydney only scored a 0.33 per capita rating.


The report also uncovered what songs we’re jamming along to when the microphone is in our hands.

Globally, the Eagles ‘Hotel California’ was found the be the most popular song to cover.

While, in Australia, it seems local karaoke goers don’t mind a bit of Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’.

The company that carried out the study is the same one that named Canberra as the world’s most sustainable city last month.