If you don’t know his name, you almost certainly will recognise his face.

90-year-old Alan Jessop has spent more than 30 years as a staple of the Canberra Centre, helping collect donations for the Salvation Army.

However, like all good things, it must come to an end with Alan retiring from his post.

“I miss being down there.”

“I suppose you’ve got to be realistic when you’re nearly 91, it might be a good time to retire.” he said.

Alan has been absent from the centre since last year when the coronavirus pandemic hit, with a corflute featuring Alan’s picture was installed at the centre featuring a contactless tap-and-go donation device.

Corp Officer at the Canberra City Salvation Army, Mitchell Stevens said Alan’s departure is the end of an era for the local charity.


“We knew the time would come when he would need to retire.”

“Unfortunately, Covid pushed that along sooner than we had thought and sooner than Alan may have wanted but we need to put his health first.”

The decision for Alan to step back was made in a bid to ensure he continues to manage his own health and safety as well as his wife’s as the pandemic continues.

While he won’t be being weighed down by the change donated by generous locals, Mr Stevens said Alan is looking forward to keeping busy with his newfound free time.

“He loves reading, he loves chocolates and he loves to spend time reading through his large collection of books.”Mr Stevens said.

It’s estimated Mr Jessop collected more than $4 million dollars over his time with the charity in Canberra.