If you’ve felt a little bit sniffly over the past few months, you’re definitely not alone.

Canberra is home to the highest percentage of hayfever sufferers in the country and now its officially been declared, we’ve just experienced our worst pollen season on record.

The Canberra Pollen Forecaster has already recorded 16 days of EXTREME pollen levels, compared to just 7 last year.

In some even more distressing news for allergy sufferers, ANU Professor Simon Haberle says there’s also no signs of the season slowing down anytime soon.

“Normally in December we see a dropping off of the numbers but this year it looks like there’s still plenty of fuel in the tank.”

The Pollen season, which usually runs from September to December, is expected to stretch into the new year.

Higher than average rainfalls are being blamed for the bumper season.


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