You’d be mistaken for thinking Winter had arrived in Canberra a day early.

Temperatures on Monday morning fell well below zero, reaching -6.3 at about 7:20am.

But it felt much, much colder than that with the ‘real feel’ temperature a 7am recording a very chilly -9.1 degrees.

It’s the coldest May morning we’ve endured in the Nation’s Capital for 10 years.

The last time a colder temperature was recorded in Canberra throughout the month on May was on 16 May 2011 when it reached -6.5.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s, Helen Kirkup, warns with Winter just around the corner there could still be plenty more chilly mornings on the way.

“Every single month from march Right through to November, if you look at the record minimum temperatures, those records are all below zero.”


Monday’s chilly morning is the coldest recorded in Canberra this year, last broken earlier this month when it reached -5.7.

While, it’s also the first time the Territory has woken to a morning this cold since August of 2018 when it dropped to -6.4.