Residents of the Nation’s Capital smoke less and stress less than those living interstate, according to the findings of a new health report.

The ACT recorded the lowest smoking rate of any State or Territory with just 11.7% of locals lighting up, lower than the national average of 15.8% and well below an average of 24.3% in Tasmania which claimed top spot in the report.

Stress levels across the Capital also remain low with just 6.8% of residents recording ‘high’ levels of stress.

The findings come from the ‘Australia’s Health Report’ released by Priceline Pharmacy, the report was developed using the data of more than 750,000 health checks that took place in Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores between November 2018 and October 2020.

The report also found higher levels of diabetes within locals with the ACT ranked at number two, behind South Australia, with the percentage of sufferers at 5.3%.

Those findings also correlate to a higher percentage of overweight Canberrans with 58% of locals recording a high Body Mass Index, ranked third nationally behind Tasmania and South Australia respectively.