As state borders begin to reopen, Canberrans are already busily making plans to enjoy a summer holiday.

However, this year, it seems many will be taking the opportunity to explore the local region as fear of borders snapping shut again prevents some Canberrans from straying too far from the Territory.

NRMA Parks and Resorts CEO, Paul Davies said while there’s still some apprehension for travel at the moment, there’s been an increase in people keen to make the most of newly eased COVID restrictions.

“Across NRMA’s 37 Parks and resorts we have seen increasing demand for bookings and over 50 per cent of demand is for ‘last minute’ travel within seven days.”

“People aren’t waiting until Christmas, they are booking now for short getaways outside of peak holiday periods.”

New research from the NRMA has found 69% of us are keen to get away this summer and the South Coast has come in as the second most rated destination across the ACT and NSW to do it.

As Canberra’s ‘home away from home’ the South Coast looks set for a bumper summer season.


However, Mr Davies said Canberrans can still get a good deal if they’re looking to get away.

“Given the strong interest in travelling shown by this research, we encourage people to look widely for great places to visit, rather than just the most well-known locations, and to consider traveling outside of the peak holiday weeks.”

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