A Canberra healthcare worker will become the first person in the ACT to receive the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday.

Operating in two halves, the new jabs will be administered at the temporary Garran Surge Centre, next to the Canberra Hospital, after the Covid testing site there was closed down on Monday.

The other half of the centre will continue to operate as the vaccination hub for the Pfizer vaccine.

ACT Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith expects up to 250 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered in the Territory this week.

“We’re also on track to deliver 1,000 Pfizer vaccinations this week and from next Monday we expect we’ll deliver 1,000 of each vaccination throughout the week.”

The Health Minister also moving to reassure Canberrans of the vaccine’s safety, labelling the arrival of the new jabs as a positive step forward in the ACT’s fight against the Pandemic.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine is both safe and effective and we’ve seen the evidence of that overseas.”


“It’s another milestone as we move towards a nation-wide vaccination program and what will be our pathway out of COVID-19, we hope.”

The rollout of the AstraZenaca vaccine in the Nation’s Capital comes on the same day the first doses of the jab are also set to be administered in New South Wales.