A Canberra resident who thought they just had hayfever before loosing their sense of taste has tested positive to COVID-19.

It’s been revealed the person brushed off the symptoms of the virus as a seasonal sniffle before eventually loosing their sense of taste which prompted them to get tested, where they returned a positive result.

Unfortunately, the person had already attended their workplace for multiple days during their infectious period.

ACT Health Minister detailed the case as she calls for Canberrans with even the mildest of symptoms to continue coming forward for testing.

It comes as daily case numbers in the Territory continue to fall as testing numbers also plummet.

“A couple of days of low case numbers does not mean we’re out of the woods, it may mean there are cases out there that we just don’t know about.

“As more and more people start moving around, going to different locations, mixing with different social groups – that risk of transmission significantly increases.”


On Monday, the ACT recorded just 9 new infections of COVID-19 from around 650 tests.

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