From 10 foot clowns to giant spiders wrapping their web around homes, some Canberrans have embraced the Halloween spirit and taken it to a whole new level.

Haunted houses have been popping up across the Nation’s Capital in recent weeks in the lead up to the spookiest date on the calendar – October 31st.

Canberrans were, last week, also given the green light to trick or treat this Halloween, giving many even more incentive to get out and enjoy some spooktacular sights.

Below is a list of some of the city’s must see houses this year and there’s something for Canberrans living on either side of the lake.


Ammon Place, Kambah

A giant spider takes up residence at this Ammon Pl home


Otherwise known as ‘Dead End’ this Kambah cul-de-sac is home to a number of houses that have been given a spooky makeover.

You’ll be greeted by spiders the size of houses, skeletons rising from the ground and a grave yard full of terrible dad jokes at the end of the street.

Spiders, witches, ghosts and skeletons await those brave enough to visit Ammon Place in Kambah

The road will also be closed off to traffic on Sunday night as a street celebration is held to mark the spookiest night of the year.

Osmand Street, Wanniassa

Clowns have invaded this Wanniassa home, turning it into a Carn-evil


What appears to be just another construction site quickly turns into a carn-evil full of scary clowns and skeletons, ready to welcome spectators brave enough to make their way to this Halloween house.

On Sunday night there’ll be games and challenges for the kids to play with prizes up for grabs and of course plenty of sweet treats.

Donations are also being collected at the house, with money raised going towards the Stella Bella Little Stars foundation.


Bunduluk Crescent, Ngunnawal

10ft clowns hang out the front of this Ngunnawal home


Motion censored clowns await those who make their way to the ‘Haunted Chop Shop’ in Ngunnawal.

Brave visitors will be able to enjoy all the familiar sights and sounds of a traditional carnival, with a spooky twist of course.

Plenty of fun and games to be had at this Carn-evil

There’ll be a fortune teller, a bearded lady and plenty of ghastly games and creepy competitions for the kids to enjoy with prizes up for grabs.

The Chop Shop is also collecting donations for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumor Research Fund.

Flemington Road, Harrison



Spiders and skeletons can be spotted from miles away at this Harrison home

With a giant spider crawling along its roof, commuters and light rail passengers will find it hard to miss the Nightmare on Flemington Road.

A giant pirate sheep being steered by a skeletal captain anchors the display with webs and ghastly creatures crowding the front yard of the Harrison home.

If you thought it looked spooky in the daylight, wait until you see it at night.


The Nightmare of Flemington Road will be lit up each night this weekend.

Happy Halloween Canberra.

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