Photos of a proud Queanbeyan resident’s new back tattoo went viral online this week as some locals questioned ‘Why?’ while others offered up their ‘mad respect’.

That got the team here in the Mix Newsroom wondering – what other local ink is getting around on the streets of the Capital?

We put the question to you and did a little bit of our own digging, to uncover some of Canberra’s very best in permanent pride.

Many lament at the idea of a Queanbeyan tattoo wrapped across their body, which makes sense now, when you’d rather be repping the ‘Tugg Life’.

Credit: Supplied

Local pride appears to be just as strong on the Northside too…

Credit: Lee Grant


The ACT’s faunal emblem, the Gang-gang Cockatoo is seen here ‘just waiting for a mate’, we can only hope it’s got its MyWay card topped up before jumping on an Action bus.

Credit: Supplied

Silvana Moro’s Canberra themed tat went viral earlier this year, showcasing some of Canberra biggest icons including the Skywhale, Telstra Tower, the civic cushion, a bush shelter, the Belco ‘Penis’ Owl and even the steel structure along Gungahlin Drives, often referred to as Optimus Prime’s ‘nether region’.

Credit: Silvana Moro

Walter Burley Griffin’s design for the Capital is too good to only be viewed from afar or on maps, why not carry it around with you? Giving your friends endless lookout opportunities.

Credit: Aidan Lewis


Lima Gilmartin has taken ‘Bleed Green’ to a new level with his ‘old and new’ Raiders inspired tattoo, lovingly inked during the Green Machine’s last Grand Final appearance back in 2019.

Credit: Liam Gilmartin

Canberra’s iconic cylindrical bush shelters have become synonyms with the Nation’s Capital for many local residents…

Credit: Josh Roy Barlow

Inspiring plenty of transport inspired ink on the bodies of fair-dinkum Canberrans.

Credit: Jarrod Scott


What may seem like an alien scribble to some is actually a map to others, the perfectly designed streets of the Parliamentary triangle providing the inspiration for this tat.

Credit: @chifley_alison

Yes! That’s Right! Sydney is NOT the capital city of Australia and this ink on a very tired and frustrated Canberran is here to prove it.

Credit: Peta Heffernan

An icon on the Canberra skyline, Henry Bowyer proudly dons Canberra’s Telstra Tower on his torso.

Credit: ABC


And we can’t forget about our friends across the border, Melinda Smith now lives in Perth but is still rocking a Queanbeyan postcode, saying the NSW city will always be her home.

Credit: Melinda Smith

Have we missed anything? Do you know of any better Canberra inspired ink? let us know in the comments below or send us a message on Facebook.