Experts are urging second-hand car buyers to check the background and history of the vehicle they’re looking to purchase.

It comes as the second-hand market is enjoying a boom with warnings your new ride could repossessed if it turns out to be stolen or with finance still owning.

More than 1,100 vehicle are reported stolen in the ACT each year, with some models more likely to be targeted by thieves.

Top 5 stolen cars in the ACT:

  1. Holden Commodore
  2. Ford Falcon
  3. Ford Ranger
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Holden Astra

Rafe Berding, head of, said prospective owners can avoid a costly mistake by checking the official status of a vehicle by entering a plate registration or vehicle identification number.

“We know car rebirthing and cloning happens to thousands of stolen vehicles each year, so drivers need to take steps to ensure they aren’t purchasing something that isn’t theirs.”


The website also offers more comprehensive checks which looks at a vehicle’s stolen status, written-off status, finance owing and more.

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