Canberrans will be able to breathe easy again with experts declaring an end to the region’s longest and most severe pollen season on record.

According to the ANU’s pollen count forecaster, there’s been no significant airborne pollen or spores recorded across the region in the past 7 days.

It brings an end to the most severe season the city has experienced since pollen counts began being recorded.

In 2020 alone, there were 7 days of ‘extreme’ pollen counts across the city and 24 days where the count registered a ‘high’ reading.

That’s compared to the average of just 1 ‘extreme’ level day and 4 at ‘high’.

ANU Professor, Simon Haberle said a wetter than average summer had also helped to lengthen this year’s season.

“We’ve had a few pollen trees such as the Casurina and the Chinese Elm that have been flowering a bit longer.”


With the season now at its end, it’s hoped Canberrans won’t be feeling too sneezy over the coming months, until increased levels of airborne pollen make a return in July.

Daily pollen counts for the region can be found online here.