The ChooseCBR voucher scheme, which was suspended on Thursday night, will now remain offline for another week.

The Government made the ‘difficult’ decision amid ongoing technical issues with the website that remain yet to be resolved.

Since the $2 million ‘spend and save’ program launched on Wednesday, it has been plagued with issues affecting customers and businesses, with some small operators already completely pulling out of the scheme.

The site was taken offline on Thursday night in a bid to address the issues surrounding the functionality of the program, with hopes it would be back up and running on Friday morning.

However, on Friday, the ACT Business Minister, Tara Cheyne said that won’t be the case.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to fully resolve the issues.”

“Out of an abundance of caution — and so as to not cause further disruption and uncertainty — we have made the difficult decision to pause the program for a further seven days.”


The Canberra Liberals have slammed the program, Shadow Business Minister, Leanne Castley said there’s now a complete loss of confidence in the scheme.

“If you can’t get on one day to register yourself one day, or the next or the next – how many people are going to bother to continue trying to register themselves.”

“I can imagine many small businesses will say ‘You know what, you keep it’ and they’ll just keep working on their own and for the Government to leave them alone.”

The voucher program is due to return online next Friday, 18 June.