Kelpies, Border Collies and Cattle dogs from across the country are in Canberra this week as they go head to head to be crowned top dog.

About 300 working dogs will compete against each other as The National Sheepdog Trial Championships get underway on Tuesday.

Association President, Sarah Sydrych said there’ll be some fierce competition on the field.

“A huge amount of training goes into these dogs, a lot of them are used of farms as well and are trained to do three sheep trialling.”

Each dog starts with a perfect score of 100 and 15 minutes to navigate three sheep through a set of obstacles and into a pen.

Points are deducted when sheep stray too far from the path, refuse obstacles, or fail to have the sheep penned in time.

“Every handler has their own approach – instructions to the dog can be many or few and are delivered using gestures, whistles, shouts or gentle words.” Ms Sydrych said.


Now in it’s 78th year, the annual event hopes to showcase the important work of ‘dogs with jobs’.

“Australia has around 100,000 livestock herding dogs which is about as many dogs as there are people employed in Canberra’s workforce.” She added.

The Championships are being held at the Hall Showgrounds until Sunday 14 March with tickets to attend the event available here.