A driver caught travelling at 114 kilometres over the speed limit is among hundreds of Canberrans who’ve kept local police busy over the Easter weekend.

The driver in question was detected at 194 km/h along the 80 km/h Yarra Glen Drive.

Across the four days, a total of 167 people were detected speeding on ACT roads.

ACT Policing Detective Sergeant Bill Evans said it’s clear some drivers don’t care about other people on the road.

“194 is just ridiculous, it’s just asking for trouble, you’ve got a closing distance of 114 km/h on any other vehicle on that road so that’s just stupidity really.”

Police also detected 41 unregistered vehicles with four people picked up for drink driving and eight for drug driving.

“The results show that most drivers are doing the right thing, but we are sharing our roads with people who really just don’t get it.”


“it’s really simple – the law is there for a reason, it’s there to protect everyone, if you want to be selfish and do your own thing, go to a racetrack.”