Thousands of protestors will flood the lawns of Parliament House on Monday, calling for an end to gender-based discrimination and violence.

Protests in Canberra will be the largest of the March 4 Justice movement with demonstrations being held in 41 other towns and cities across Australia.

The annual march has been gained a greater following this year, sparked by the federal government’s recent response to sexual assault allegations that occurred inside parliament.

Organiser, Janine Hendry says people are angry.

“For the last 2 to 3 years we’ve seen some quite serious sexual assault and sexual harassment cases in our court system, our universities and major corporations and quite frankly enough is enough.”

However, Ms Hendry believes people’s frustrations stem far deeper than recent allegations and thinks enough is enough.

“I’d like to start seeing some real structural changes in our laws, so we essentially abolish inequality in this country.”


It expected up to 4,000 protestors will be in attendance in the Nation’s Capital.

The Prime Minister isn’t expected to be among them but is set to invite a group of representative demonstrators to meet with him inside Parliament House.