How early is too early to put up the Christmas tree?

Some abide strictly by December 1 as being the first day it’s acceptable to start spreading Christmas cheer.

November 25th has also been touted as the ideal date as it gives you exactly one month to enjoy Christmas festivities.

However, it seems neither of those are correct because, according to experts, there’s no date too early to get into the Christmas spirit.

Psychologist at the University of Canberra, Dr Vivienne Lewis, says getting into the spirit of the season, by decorating early, is a “fantastic” way to boost a person’s mood.

“It’s exciting, you’ve got things to look forward to, it’s fun putting the tree up together and thinking about holidays and seeing family.”

This year especially, given the recent impacts of the pandemic and lockdown, experts say it’s more important than ever to have something to look forward to.


“That’s what people really need at the moment, they need to be excited about seeing family, celebrating and having a really good time and as early as you can feel excited about that – the better.”

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Dr Lewis also suggests the early enthusiasms for the holiday season can even help to provide a mood boost for the more ‘Grinch’ inclined people in your life.

“Sometimes when you’re around other people who are really excited and looking forward to things it does rub off on you.”

“So even though you might have people who don’t particularity want to celebrate Christmas in November, it can actually help them and increase their enthusiasm.”

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