An unusual start to the day for some of our local fire fighters after being called to a Watson home to rescue a bird that’d become stuck up a tree.

The resident of the property made the discovery on Wednesday morning after noticing the bird in the tree, with something sticking out of its foot.

It was no ga-laughing matter though with emergency services quickly alerted.

ACT Fire and Rescue arrived at the property just after 9am.

Six firefighters were involved in the operation, safely removing the bird who had become caught about 15 metres up the tree.

Assessments at the scene found a stick had become stuck inside the bird’s foot, preventing it from leaving the tree.

The Galah was handed over to ACT Parks rangers who now transport the bird to a vet for further assessment and tree-atment.


We’re told the bird is in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.