The number of reported influenza cases across the ACT dropped to a 10-year low last year.

Throughout 2020 just 200 cases of the flue were detected, a drop of 95% from a record high of 4,072 in 2019.

A spokesperson for ACT Health said last year’s total was also the lowest figure recorded in the Territory since 2010 when just 95 cases were detected.

“Before the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic, the number of notifications were low, most likely due to less robust testing and surveillance systems.”

Nationally the number of influenza cases followed the same pattern in 2020 with 21,201 cases recorded across Australia, well below the 313,451 total in 2019.

“Current COVID-19 related public health measures and the community’s adherence to public health messages are also likely reducing transmission of acute respiratory infections, including influenza.” The spokesperson said.

Of the 200 cases in the Territory last year, 181 of those were recorded prior to the official start of the flu season in April.