Canberra businesses continue to be found with employees not wearing masks as required under the Territory’s public health orders.

Police have been conducting compliance checks throughout the ACT during the lockdown and report and overall level of satisfaction but says mask wearing continues to be a concern.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr said the wearing of face covering had been an ongoing issue reported back to him nearly everyday since the Territory entered lockdown back on 12 August.

Mr Barr said compliance operations will continue and warned those businesses who’ve already been picked up for failing to maintain the mask wearing mandate will no longer be shown the courtesy of further reminders.

“It is just so frustrating for everyone who is doing the right thing to see that we still have workplaces and businesses where mask wearing is not occurring.”

The warning comes on the same day that the ACT records 17 new cases of COVID-19.

Only 1 of those cases were in quarantine during their infectious period with at least 11 in the community.


Links have been made for 9 of the new cases with the remainder still under early investigation.

Wednesday’s STATS:

  • 17 new cases
  • 9 are linked to previous cases, only 1 in quarantine
  • 12 people are in hospital, 2 are in ICU and ventilator
  • 55.8% double dose vaccination rate
  • 1,988 tests carried out
  • 222 Active cases in the ACT
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