Owners of Canberra’s pre-loved and re-useables warehouse, The Green Shed have been overrun with donations of bicycles over the summer break.

Co-Owner, Sandie Parkes said rough estimates put the number of bikes currently stored across both the Mitchell and Symonston warehouses at approximately ‘1 bazillion’.

“They’re the ones people buy and they have to put together and they give it their kids for Christmas then the kid grows out of it so then they bring it to us.”

“They may need a little bit of repair but they’re in very good nick.”

In a bid to free up some space around the sheds, the owners have made the decision to offer up the bikes for free this coming weekend.

A similar sale was run through the Green Shed earlier in the year but only managed to attract the clearance of six bikes across the two sheds.

This time they’ve taken to social media to help clear the oversupply.


In a post on its Facebook page, the Owners said there was no limit on how many bikes a person can take but they have asked for people to ‘play fair’.

“In other words, don’t be a d**k, turn up with a truck and try and take all of them at 7:30am on Saturday morning as we will not let this happen!”

“We have plenty to go around so let’s share the love peeps.”

The Green Shed will offer the free bikes at both of it’s warehouses this coming Saturday and Sunday.