A man accused of dousing his partner and threatening to set her on fire was arrested by police in Bonner on Thursday.

The alleged incident took place in November last year with the 39-year-old threating the woman with a cigarette lighter after dousing her in methylated spirits.

Thankfully the woman managed to flee.

The man involved had been evading authorities since the incident took place, after failing to show up to court.

Officers located the 39-year-old in a Bonner park on Thursday after recognising him as the alleged offender.

When police attempted to arrest the man, he ran at one of the officers.

Tasers and the dog squad were deployed but the man still managed to escape.


Officers followed him on foot where he was eventually restrained and arrested a short time later.

The man will face the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday on a number of family violence related charges including, one count of endangering life, reckless threats to inflict grievous bodily harm and resisting a public official.