A blood-red moon will grace Australia’s skies on Friday evening when the country experiences a partial lunar eclipse, the first since a full eclipse in May.

ANU Astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker said the almost-perfect (99.1%) coverage of the moon’s area by earth will see it blaze in a dark reddish hue, as the light from the earth’s atmosphere is refracted onto it.

“You are seeing Sunrise and Sunset on Earth, lighting up the Moon.”

Dr Tucker said, weather permitting, if you can get a clear view of the sky towards the East, you’re in for ‘spectacular’ show.

Moonrise in Canberra tonight will start at 7:46pm with the blood moon display set to peak at around 8:02pm.

An eclipse also never comes alone, with a solar eclipse always occurring about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse.

The next solar eclipse is expected on December 4.


With AAP. 

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