Tonight, parts of Australia will get the chance to see an incredible phenomenon known as the ‘perigee-syzygy moon’ or ‘Super Moon’ which will look bigger and brighter and tinged pink.

If you were up early over the past few days, you might’ve already noticed the sheer size of the moon.

Tuesday night’s display will be one of only two super moons we’ll see this year.

However, ANU Astrophysicist, Dr Brad Tucker admits the moon won’t be ‘giant’ but promises it’ll still be a great sight.

“The moon could actually be about 50,000kms closer on the day and that means if it’s closer, it’s a bit bigger and therefore a bit brighter.”

“It’ll be a very beautiful, big moon.”

Here are the prime times to spot the super pink moon across the country


Tonight, April 27th to the morning of April 28th.

  • Canberra: 5:40pm – 7:29am
  • Sydney: 5:33pm – 7:18am
  • Brisbane: 5:33pm – 7:00am
  • Hobart: 5:36pm – 7:52am
  • Melbourne: 5:53pm – 7:51am
  • Adelaide: 5:53pm – 7:43am
  • Perth: 6:01pm – 7:43am
  • Darwin: 6:50pm – 7:43am