In case you’ve been living under a rock, Canberra’s giant jumping playground, Inflatable World, is opening its doors for a special Adults Only night.

Normally teeming with children, the Kambah Warehouse will be transformed into a Big Kids only bounce arena.

Facility Manager, Alex Bazzana, said the night will also feature plenty of beats, eats and of course a bar.

“Probably the most exciting item is the alcoholic slushies, we’ll also have some pizza, some pies and some other street food, it’ll be a fairly extensive menu.”

“There’ll also be vegan and gluten free options as well.”

Tickets get you access to the entire warehouse for a one-hour bounce session to let your inner kid run wild, with a half hour either side to enjoy some snacks and adult beverages.

If you’re still reading this article and not already busy planning your night…you’d better get in quick.


The Adults Only night is being held on Saturday 7 August with the last tickets available online here.

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