The end of the year is fast approaching. Kristen and Nige have put together their top 5 stories from Canberra and there are so doozeys.

  1. Sco-mo getting re-elected

The election was everywhere this year and given Canberra is the epicentre of politics in Australia we knew the outcome was going to be big news.

  1. The announcement that the Skywhale is coming back to Canberra

The Skywhale is something that is so divisive to any Canberran. No matter what you think, another Skywhale is on its way to Canberra. The name, Skywhalepapa, the legend, YET TO BE DETERMINED.

  1. A new Raider is on its way… The Crokers tell Kristen & Nige they are having a baby

As big Raiders supporters this was such a special moment on the Kristen and Nige show. This was very exciting news.

  1. Canberra Light rail fail

With the Light rail launched in Canberra we were all unsure how things were going to go. Since its launch there have been so many near misses with people not looking – check out all the footage on YouTube. Stay safe Canberra!

  1. The SIX AGAIN drama in the Raiders v Roosters NRL Grand Final

Look we really can’t say much more about this… it still hurts!