On the show, Kristen told us about the lie she told her son, Hugo’s, new daycare centre.

When packing Hugo’s lunch, on the day before payday, Kristen was forced to get creative.

“Let’s just say, some of the choices wouldn’t be the usual choice, it was just a bit of ‘whatever’ we’ve got in the cupboard.”

One of those choices was some thin and ‘dry’ wafer biscuits.

“They taste like nothing.”

When Kristen went to pick up Hugo, one of the educators suggested against packing the biscuits in the future.

Kristen was quick to reply, throwing her husband under the bus in the process.


“Daddy packed Hugo’s lunch today.”

Nige was shocked at how quick Kristen was able to lie and without hesitation but her confession inspired Nige to open up about a time he lied to his mum.

Listen to the chat below: