Testing of the former Transport Depot in Kingston, now the Old Bus Depot Markers, has confirmed the finding of lead dust within the building.

The site has been closed to the public since early last year for renovations, but recent testing of surfaces returned lead readings above the adopted threshold limit on surfaces.

ACT Minister for Business, Tara Cheyne said air monitoring was also set up following the discovery.

“All results returned during that testing period show that the concentration of atmosphere lead was below the detectable limits.”

The government said it’s likely the dust had been present at the site for many years but thinks it may have been undisturbed until recent construction activities.

“As a result, the facility will undergo cleaning and remediation prior to reopening to the public.” Ms Cheyne said.

Stallholders at the market were told of the situation today with work now underway to remove the dust.


“Access to the site will continue to be restricted until cleaning and remediation can occur. The Old Bus Depot Markets will not open until after cleaning and remediation is complete. Work is still being undertaken to determine the cost and extent of the cleaning and remediation, but it is expected to take at least three months.”

Renovations to the Old Bus Depot were due to be completed by March this year, it’s unclear how far this recent finding will push back its reopening.