The Canberra Region’s cherry season has come to an early end this year, after locals turned out in droves to get their pick of the juicy red fruit.

Royalla’s Kembla Cherry Orchard has been inundated with visitors keen to have a go, forced to shut up shop early on Tuesday morning.

Orchard Owner, Martin Corby, said the farm had been picked in record time.

“In the 15 years we’ve been selling cherries, this has been the craziest.”

Cooler and wetter than average condition this year meant a lighter than expected crop was on offer to the public, however Mr Corby said he’s been blow away by the community’s appetite.

The demand has come as a huge relief after the 2019 season was also forced to finish early, with drought and lingering smoke in the air affecting the quality of the harvest.

“This year proved that you’ve just got to hang in there and keep going, it will all work out in the end.” Mr Corby said.


Each of the Orchard’s 220 trees have now been cleared but the work for next season’s harvest is just getting started.

“We’ve got to get all the 3.5kms of bird nets down, clean the place up, irrigate and prune all the trees so there’s a fair bit to do before the end of the year.”