Planting trees can be dirty work but what if you had the chance to save the planet while also finding your happily ever after? 

That’s exactly what a group of lonely locals will be up to at the return of ACT Landcare’s speed planting event on Saturday. 

Participants will be given ten minutes to chat while planting a tree with their partner before moving on to their next potential ‘soil’ mate 

Landcare facilitator Jeni DeLondre said the event is the perfect opportunity for singles to branch out to meet fellow environmentalists before digging deep. 

“It’s a chance for people who enjoy the outdoors and like to do something positive for the environment to meet other like-minded people who you might not meet in the typical dating scene.” 

“It gives you the opportunity to meet someone with just as much passion about the environment as you do.” 

This weekend’s event is the second time it’s been run in the Territory with the first speed planting back in 2017 proving so successful, that a couple that met at the event are now preparing to tie the knot in a few week’s time. 


Saturday’s event is already fully booked, but for those still on their search for love, planning for future speed plantings are already in the works. 

Written by Sally Bishop