Keeping Australians safe, it’s a ruff job but someone’s got to do it.

The Australian Federal Police will soon be better equipped to take on the hairy task, after welcoming its newest K9 recruit.

Theo, the German Sheppard puppy is currently being fostered by an AFP member fur his first 12 months.

From there he’ll then spend time at the National Canine Operations Centre in Canberra where he’ll undergo intensive training to paw-fect the art of detecting explosives.

The soon to be canine constable is named in honour of late Detective Sergeant Peter Theodore.

Detective Sergeant Theodore passed away last December, he was one of the longest serving and founding members of the AFP, having worked with the law enforcement agency for 45 years.

You can follow Theo’s journey to becoming the AFP’s newest detection dog on social media with the hashtag #FollowTheo