Four months out from her second birthday, Giraffe Nzuri is packing her bags and moving out of the family home.

The crowd favourite is leaving the National Zoo and Aquarium to head north, joining a new herd of Giraffes as Sydney Zoo where she’ll be part of a breeding program.

Female giraffes don’t mature until the age of four, giving her plenty of time to settle into her new home before becoming ready to have her own calf.

Nzuri is the second born to mum Mzungu and dad Shaba at the National Zoo and Aquarium and will bring a new bloodline to her herd in Sydney.

She’s also following in her old sister, Kebibi’s, footsteps, who now resides at Australia Zoo in Queensland.

The National Zoo and Aquarium is part of an international breeding program for the endangered species.

It’s estimated over the past 30 years the total population of giraffes in the wild has plummeted by 40% due to habitat loss and human destruction.


However, with the help of giraffes like Nzuri, it’s hoped those numbers can be turned around.

Visitors are being encouraged to head out to the Zoo to see Nzuri one last time before she heads off for Sydney on Monday 29 March