Victorian health authorities have identified a new variant of COVID-19 known as the ‘Delta’ variant.

The virus has been matched to the family from Melbourne who visited Goulburn and Jervis Bay along the South Coast late last month.

The variant is different to the one spreading in Melbourne’s current outbreak and it remains unclear how the family originally contracted the new virus.

Investigations so far haven’t been able to link it to any other case across Australia either within the community or hotel quarantine.

Victorian health authorities are now working with New South Wales, ACT and Commonwealth authorities to further investigate the cases.

The states Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton said the family may have even picked up the virus while in New South Wales.

However, Mr Sutton admits, either way, the finding is of concern.


“The Delta variants has is the one that’s become the dominant variant in India, it’s obviously has very high transmission potential because it spread extremely rapidly across India to become the predominate variant there, almost the exclusive variant there.”