COVID restrictions are being relaxed in New South Wales after the state reached the 80% fully vaccinated milestone for its population aged 16 and above over the weekend.

It means greater freedoms for fully vaccinated residents of the state, as of Monday 18 October, with bigger gatherings allowed and the return of standing while drinking at the pub.

Fully vaccinated Canberrans who travel into the state will also be able to enjoy the same COVID freedoms.

However, travel into the state remains limited to within the ACT’s border bubble, if you want to avoid having to quarantine when you re-enter the Territory.

Here’s what’s changing in NSW:


  • Up to 20 people will be welcome into a home at any one time.
  • Outdoor gatherings are allowed with up to 50 people.


  • Hospitality open with density limits for up to 20 people per booking.
  • No singing indoors (except for performers).
  • Dancing is permitted indoors and outdoors (except at nightclubs).
  • Drinking indoors and outdoors may be seated or standing.


  • Face coverings no longer need to be worn in offices and outdoors
  • Masks still required for all staff and customers (aged 12+) in all indoor settings.

Events and Entertainment

  • Entertainment facilities (including cinemas and theatres) reopen with density limit or 75% fixed seated capacity.
  • Controlled outdoor public gatherings (for example – fenced, seated ticketed) permitted for up to 3000 people with density limit.


  • Non-essential travel between Regional NSW and the Greater Sydney area remains off limits until 1 November.


  • Capacity limits at weddings and funerals no longer apply.
  • Places of worship reopen for people who are not fully vaccinated with density limits.
  • Up to 10 fully vaccinated singers may perform in places of worship and at religious services.

More information about the eased restrictions in NSW can be found here.

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