New South Wales residents who work or receive medical care in the ACT will no longer need to follow stay-at-home orders when returning home across the border.

The changes to the state’s public health orders, to allow the exemption, came into effect on Monday, after the state’s lockdown was lifted for fully vaccinated residents.

However, While those coming into the Territory for the essential reasons of work and medical care will be exempt from the stay-at-home orders, those entering the ACT for any other reason – even those which may have previously been allowed when both jurisdictions were in lockdown – will still need to complete an online declaration from and follow stay-at-home orders.

Confirmation of the changes to stay-at-home rules in NSW came late on Monday night after a day of confusion about the border arrangements between the two jurisdictions as the NSW side was freed from their lockdown.

Previous suggestions that the ACT was removed as an area of concern and a COVID affected area for NSW are incorrect.

NSW residents wishing to enter the ACT for an essential reason are still only able to do so if they’re coming in from one of the 10 approved surrounding postcodes.

However, ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr has flagged changes to that list to be announced as early as Tuesday.

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