Ah, Australia.

The nation where emu’s BREAK INTO AIRPORTS.

We’re not joking!

An emu in the South Australian town of Whyalla wandered into an airport on Saturday afternoon, after he’d been hanging around for about a week.

A bird with a dream!

The pics were shared on commercial cleaning company Academy Services Facebook page.


Academy Services’ Lesley King came across the emu during her regular cleaning routine.

“I came out of a toilet and he was there, about three inches from my face and I let out a piercing squeal,” Lesley said.

“I ran and told my manager, who didn’t believe me at first.”

The emu was eventually ‘shooed’ to an outdoor viewing area and left with some water, not before leaving a “nasty present” on the floor as he left the building.

But fear not, the emu was relocated by animal services.

“I’ve come across some pretty strange things in my time in this job, but this was the strangest,” Lesley laughed.


Hopefully, one day he can fly higher than all the other birds!