A P Plate driver has been fined more than $2,000 dollars and issued 6 demerit points for driving at more than double the speed limit along the Majura Parkway.

Police alleged the 21-year-old from Moncrieff overtook a police vehicle in the 100km/h area of the road with his speed measured at 170km/h.

After passing into the signposted 80km/h area, the driver is accused of failing to reduce his speed, again measured at 170km/h.

Detective Inspector Donna Hofmeier said this kind of behaviour is beyond inexcusable.

“To drive so fast as a P-plate driver, or indeed any licenced driver, defies common sense.”

WATCH: P Plate driver caught more than double the speed limit along Majura Parkway


Detective Inspector Hofmeier also warned driving at that speed with that level of experienced leaves no margin for error.

“What we’ve seen here is another driver who thought it was OK to treat the road as a racetrack during lockdown, what we’ve also seen here is that if you choose to speed, at any time you could pass a police officer.”

“What we didn’t see here was a crash, which would have almost certainly resulted in someone or more than one person being killed.”

“There is no reason to drive that fast.”

The driver will be issued with infringements for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h, which carries a fine of $2,136 and 6 demerit points, and not displaying P-plates, which is a further fine of $250.

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