A Guinness, in a pub on St Patrick’s day – some would say it’s the perfect way to celebrate an Irish legend.

That’s exactly what will be happening in Civic on Wednesday as the PJ O’Reilly’s pub parts ways with its Irish heritage.

From Thursday the pub will drop its Irish flavour and name, rebranding to ‘PJ’s in the City’.

Owners made the decision after years of declining Irish beer sales and recent refurbishments, moving the pub to a more ‘British’ style establishment.

“We are still PJs however we don’t have an Irish link anymore, we haven’t had Guinness on tap for a while now”

“We get a minority of people that are disappointed that we don’t serve Guinness and we want to make sure that people don’t assume we do anymore.”

In order to celebrate their final day as an Irish Pub a wake is being held on Wednesday to farewell ‘O’Reilly’.


“O’Reilly was best known for inventing the 7-course Irish Degustation: six pints of Guinness and a potato.”

Live music, Irish poetry and Guinness will all be on hand to celebrate the occasion.

However due to strict capacity limits amid the pandemic, bookings are essential.

Details of the farewell event can be found here.