A Canberra woman has been charged after police intercepted a package destined for her Hughes home, allegedly containing more than a kilogram on the drug gamma-butyrolactone.

Gamma-butyrolactone or ‘GBL’ is often involved in date rape and sexual assaults on unsuspecting victims.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said its discovery in the ACT has police extremely concerned.

“It’s predominantly mixed with alcohol but getting the combination right is extremely important, if you get it wrong, by just the smallest amount, it can have lethal consequences.”

“It’s worth a significant amount but more importantly it equates to hundreds of deals.”

The 48-year-old woman involved has been charged with drug importation and attempted possession.

Investigations its the drug’s supply and distribution remain ongoing with Police already monitoring other people in Canberra


“But this is a wide network, tis is something that is sued by organised crime identities across Australia so this investigation won’t stop here and we’ll keep perusing the people involved.”

It’s believed the dark web may have been used by the woman to acquire the drug.

However, Detective Superintendent Moller had a stern warning to those thinking of doing the same.

“We are one step ahead of you, we will pursue you and put you before the court.”

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