A series of rolling checkpoints will be conducted along the Territory’s border as police move to further enforce the ACT’s public health orders, that effectively ban non-residents who’ve been in the Greater Sydney area from entering the ACT.

On Monday, local authorities established a presence along Sutton Road near Queanbeyan, following a weekend of lengthy delays along the Federal Highway as cars were checked on their way into the Territory.

Changes to the ACT’s public health directions, made on Saturday, now require non-residents who wish to enter the ACT from coronavirus affected areas of New South Wales to apply for a border entry permit.

Anyone caught without an exemption faces a penalty of up to $8,000.

It’s estimated the Territory has between 60-70 entry points, with conversations now underway between ACT Police, the ADF and the ACT ESA to assist in the operation.

However, Detective Superintendent Rohan Smith maintains ACT Policing is up to the task.

“What ACT Policing is doing is creating a scalable environment, not too dissimilar to random breath testing.”


“We’ll be anywhere at any time at any place.”

At least 147 non-residents have already been turned around since the new orders came into effect, with 219 Canberrans now also in isolation.